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Ashok Dhariwal believes that yoga is for anybody and everybody. By making it affordable and available to the community, Dhariwal believes that through this intention, he is also able to give back. He is the owner of four multi-unit YogaFit Studios located in Minneapolis with locations in Loring Park, Linden (more)

Tuesday 15 November 2022
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Cory McClure has an eye for opportunities that most people wouldn’t know exist. Straight out of college, McClure worked in computer software and hardware sales for 15 years before the inevitable 2008 recession where the company he worked for laid off 25% of employees – including him. At 38 years (more)

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Tony Simmons was expected to follow in his family’s footsteps and become an attorney, but for whatever reason, his instinct wanted to go down a different path. After a couple of really great mentors, Simmons was introduced to the Real Estate space. His route led him to become the President (more)

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After falling into the construction industry by chance, Cathy Schmidt now leads it. As the President and CEO of Stahl Construction, the Shoreview, Minnesota native went to Iowa State where she was recruited for a sales job. With a business marketing degree, she had never taken one sales class, but she (more)

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Growing up on the East Side of St. Paul, Dan Stoltz came from humble beginnings working a paper route every day from the age of 9. As a young boy, he also watched his father go to work by owning a painting business, pizza place, carwash, real estate, and more. (more)

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Back in 1995 when the internet was still powering up, Brian Kueppers had an idea that many people did not – he launched a technology company. He was newly married with a baby, had a house and two car payments, but despite the busy home life he had, he put (more)

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During Kim Bartmann’s junior year of college at the University of Minnesota, she came to the realization that many students do – she needed a job. Having never stepped foot in a restaurant kitchen before, she was told by a friend to pretend to be a vegetarian to apply for work as a line cook at a Vegetarian restaurant. They hired her.