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Nancy Flicek

Nancy Flicek, a Senior Associate at Christianson & Company Commercial Real Estate Services, epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service in every detail of her client’s real estate transaction. She has represented users of office and industrial space representing sellers, buyers, tenants, and banks for the past 13 years. 

Nancy’s passion is working with business owners and customizing each client’s property to its unique position and attraction in the marketplace.  While every landlord or property owner has different plans and expectations for their assets, all have one common goal:  maximizing an asset’s value.  Nancy works closely with each client and creates that value through her comprehensive experience, market knowledge, targeted marketing approach and provides the real estate acumen to make it happen.

Prior to joining Christianson & Company, Nancy worked for the largest framing contractor in the twin cities and negotiated multimillion-dollar labor and material contracts for residential and commercial developments. She has proven to be an expert in the art of negotiation, which makes her a very qualified representative for any business owner.

Nancy currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Commercial Association of Realtors (MNCAR) as well as the Board of Directors for the MN Association of Realtors (MNAR), acting as a liaison between the two.  She is well connected in the real estate industry and her knowledge of the market comes from years of learning the business from the ground up.